About us

The best ideas come from the most unexpected of places. 

We are designers by trade and have honed our skills to produce beautiful, useful and clear printed materials, videos and websites. As such, we were approached by CITRuS, a research project at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation which studies patient bowel cancer symptoms. They wanted us to help increase CITRuS’s patient engagement through explainer videos. 

As part of this project, we identified that the survey platform they were using did not have many of the basic capabilities they required. For example, they couldn’t create digital consent forms in the site, which forced them to move to a different platform, creating unnecessary friction.

This kickstarted our interest in the world of research. Could we create a platform that was easier to use, more intuitive and would increase survey engagement? Specifically, could we benefit students and universities; the bedrock of research and innovation.

What are our goals?

Save universities time, money and resources. Improve workflow for lecturers and students, whilst increasing engagement.

Integrate AI to analyse survey results, deliver accurate reporting and enhanced usability, and ensure a strong understanding of disciplines.

To become a self-serving participant database. Instead of paying for your participants, you can use our built-in participation groupings. 


We are currently in the beta stage of our product. We are always looking for partners who can give us valuable feedback and help us develop our product even further to make it the best it can be.

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